Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 3

Episode 3: “Keep Hope Alive”

I still hold to my word that I absolutely love this season of Survivor, however this episode left me furious.  I usually do not let television shows effect my every day life but this one was hard to swallow!

Redemption Island

The episode began after the departure of Matty from last week and his voyage to Redemption Island.  We would then finally have our first official exit from the game in a duel between Francesca and Matty.  Francesca took an early lead and seemingly had it won.  However in this challenge the castaways had to make a stick with limited supplies in order to retrieve keys.  Francesca’s stick was quickly made and allowed her to reach the first two sticks but screwed her on the third.  Matty got all three of his keys and unlocked his door in the first step of redemption, before Francesca could obtain her last.  In an odd twist two members of both tribes were allowed to watch the duel and keep the results to themselves or tell their tribe mates. 

Numbers Are Your Friends

During the redemption duel, David and Steve were sent to observe from Zapatera.  They had a plan to lie to Russell’s alliance of Stephanie and Krista about the true winner of the duel.  They said it was Francesca, so when they blindside Russell he will be surprised.  Zapatera’s entire gameplan has recently become get rid of Russell Hantz.  This entire tribe outside of Stephanie WILL NOT win this game, mark my words.  When you make dumb emotional decisions early, you set up a dumb foundation for later gameplay.  Their tribe had a two man advantage on Ometepe, and it is only logical to try and put the game away early.  IF YOU GIVE BOSTON ROB NUMBERS WILL WILL LOSE THIS GAME.  However these people obviously don’t study the game like I do.  What’s their bright idea?  Throw the challenge so they can vote off Russell.  I will say it once, I will say it again.  Russell did not have any trust on the tribe, he will never get the vote to win a game, and he is a number you may need even if you hate the guy.  Zapatera had been winning challenges pretty easily and were not in danger of blindsides, why mess that up?  As planned the entire tribe threw the challenge outside of Russell’s group.  Russell’s alliance of the two ladies and he scrambled but the ideas were limited.  Their only hope was to get the older lady Julie to flip her vote.  Julie is a sacrificial lamb of the power alliance right now, so it would make sense for her to explore all options.  It seemed like she was interested in flipping her vote to Ralph which would create an ultimate blindside not only eliminating Ralph but his idol as well.  How would this work?  It’s simple the six others were splitting their votes three and three for Russell and his main girl Stephanie.  If an idol was played they would take one or the other out, if not all the votes would get thrown towards Russell in a tie revote situation.  That’s exactly what happened.  Julie did not flip and Russell, the legend, was sent to redemption.  How ridiculous!   If Ometepe wins the next immunity and the tribes get back to being even in numbers, Zapatera is in grave danger.  That tribe has great trust in Boston Rob, and he will run the table on these newbs with numbers.  It’s like sheep to the slaughter. 

Krash’s Favorite

Stephanie, Russell’s main girl.  I LOVE her!  Not only is she beautiful, but very feisty and has an idea how to play this game.  The biggest flaw of Survivor however is a lot of the top players are eliminated early.  If she can somehow find a way to survive till the merge even with her entire tribe againt her, she will go far.  The next two weeks will definitely be do or die.  With Russell out (for now), I have to find another knowledgeable person to root for and it’s Steph!  She sounded the entire tribe off at the tribal council and warned them a storm is coming.  You go girl! Figure something out, heck she has a fake idol it has worked before! LOL.

Player Of The Week: Matt Elrod (first ever redemption duel winner)