Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 6

Episode 6: “Their Red-headed Step Child”

I know I know, the picture above of Phillip is DISGUSTING.  However I have to keep the pictures consistent with the show titles!  Much like the last episode, episode six did not have a ton to offer in terms of game changing sequences.  It was one of the most predictable episodes yet.  Regardless there is always something to talk about in the wild and wacky game of Survivor.

Redemption Island Bonding?

After last weeks episode Krista on the outskirts with Zapatera found herself banished to redemption with Matty.  Is it official to say it’s Matty’s island now?  The two seemed to hit it off well in their brief time at the island, sharing their deep faith with each other to build strength for the challenge.  Krista in my opinion was cheated from this game.  I truly believe she was a sweet girl, but had a lot to offer to the game if she ever had numbers.  Unfortunately for her she aligned with Russell and that is all it took.  The two had some very heart warming moments out on the beach leading up to the challenge, in which proved to be an absolute nail biter.  Krista had a lead on the redemption champion Matty most of the challenge.  To complete this challenge a ball maze had to be completed with several traps.  When Krista was about a foot away from winning, she drained her ball into a trap giving Matty all the time in the world to win.  As usual Matty seized the moment and won, continuing his shot at redemption.  Krista, a hard player was in tears but seemed to be okay with what transpired.  As a parting gift she gave Matty her luxury item, a Bible.  Matty talked about his faith, and the strength it has given him to continue on in these challenges.  I’m not one to always believe in divine forces and magical powers on the game of Survivor, but it is a great storyline.  I truly believe everyone in America is rooting for the good boy Matty to keep winning these challenges, I know a big part of me is as well.  Not just in Survivor but in life in general, when you become determined enough for something in your heart, it can become almost impossible to beat for another competitor.  Matty is in the zone right now, and it is awesome.

Ometepe A Dysfunctional Paradise

Ometepe started this game as the back burner tribe, but with a huge sway of momentum they have become the focus point of this game for me.  They have the kind of players that could not only win Survivor, but make it so others do not win.  Who comes to mind?  CIA specialist… Phillip. Phillip right now has dug himself such a big hole of craziness that people like Rob won’t vote him out.  He deflects attention away from power players, but don’t think he can’t end a power players game.  If Phillip stays around post merge I believe he will be a big part in a swing vote to dismantle a big name.  One thing I have definitely learned about Survivor is that loose cannons are good to keep around early, but later if you don’t extract the problem the cannon will turn onto you.  In Heroes Vs. Villains Sandra was a loose cannon, and the problem was never resolved.  She flew under the radar as a non threat and won the game.  This is an extreme case, but they can mess the game up for everyone!  Back to Phillip, he finally lost it on the lazy girls at camp.  I can’t blame him really, but you cannot go off at camp like that! He called out Ashley and Natalie for being worthless tribe mates and not doing anything.  Which is 110% true, they do not deserve to be on the game of Survivor and probably should not have been in casting.  Regardless these types of players are numbers, and will not steal your shot at a million dollars.  There is no need to lose it on them publicly, especially with the reputation Phillip has.  Good game, no?  Excellent, TV YES!!  I love watching Phillip have meltdowns every week, don’t vote him out Ometepe!  At the immunity challenge Ometepe DOMINATED and I mean dominated.  This one was not even close.  It was a launcher/catch the ball game.  Grant caught I believe three to four of the five points for Ometepe in a shutout victory.  Grant is a huge asset to the Ometepe physically, and I think he has a good head on his shoulders.  Currently Grant is Rob’s right hand man, but can he overcome that role in the future, to be the man who wins the game?

Zapatera A Tribe Of Losers

Zapatera continues to amaze me at their lack of ability to understand the game.  Essentially their grand strategy is to vote off people who came to play and make their tribe weaker in challenges.  Not only will they probably not have numbers at the merge, but they will have weaker strategic players.  Can you say screwed?  The vote was pretty simple this week after they lost immunity, vote of Stephanie.  David made a rally to vote off the worthless Sarita, and I semi salute him for trying to actually play Survivor.  However it’s too little too late, the game plan was already drawn and Stephanie was voted out.  Stephanie is a great athletic player and I can see her giving Matty a bit of a run next week at redemption.  Zapatera’s choice to keep Sarita over Stephanie will cause them to completely cave in.  Sarita is about as worthless at challenges as they come, and members of the tribe already cannot stand her.  Somebody needs to take charge on that tribe and figure out their direction, or Boston Rob will figure it out for them when he picks them all off one by one, post merge.  David may want to start playing, but will anybody play his type of game with him?  We will see.

Player Of The Week: Grant Mattos

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 3 Wins

2.  Matty – 1 Win

3.  Grant – 1 Win

4.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)