Miley on SNL

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Miley Cyrus’s episode of “Satruday Night Live.”  SNL has changed my life since they gave us the first “Miley Cyrus Show” skit and I wondered just what they would do when they had the real Miley on the show.  ( I must say…I MUCH prefer fake Miley, but the episode was still pretty good.)

Here’s Miley’s opening monologue.  I’m not sure if she could have come off as more irritating if she tried, but nice singing…

SNL had to comment on the whole Charlie Sheen debacle this week.  The Show Opener features a new talk show “Duh…Winning with Charlie Sheen/”  Watch till the end to see Miley do her best Lindsay Lohan impression.

Miley took some shots at The Disney Channel with the “Disney Acting School” skit. It’s pretty funny…and pretty true, if you’ve spent any time watching Disney.

Finally…the moment I have been very impatiently waiting for.  The Miley Cyrus Show with the Real Miley.  I was pretty impressed with her Bieber impression.  Check it out!

What do you think? Was it worth the wait?