MY MTV March Madness Bracket!

It’s March Madness and I want to get in on the hype! But for those of us who don’t know everything about college basketball, I decided to make a different one with your help!

We’re going to figure out the best MTV show of all time!

Yes, I did plan on doing 90s Nick shows, but there just aren’t enough shows, and MTV had plenty to choose from!

Here’s how this is going to work:

Every day I’ll post some match-ups to vote on. You’ll leave a comment with your picks for those match-ups, if you get them all right, you’re going to win a prize! If multiple people get them right, I’ll pick at random. If no one gets it right, I WIN!

Okay, not really… it’ll go to something else at a later time.

Make sure you leave your comment on the posts with the match-ups with some sort of contact information, preferably email, Twitter, or Facebook.

How the shows/winners are picked: POLLS! Each match-up post will have polls for everyone to vote on with the results being anonymous until “the games” are over. They will be up for 24 hours/until the next match-ups are posted.

Let the games begin!

BTW- To win, you have to live in the BCS area! Feel free to vote/play from wherever, though!