My Final Guide to SXSW

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for my top picks for parties complete with showtimes, bands, general party info, etc. I initially made this to share with my friends but I suppose we are all friends here. If you follow this schedule I guarantee happy fun times and you should definitely come find me. (All of the shows are free unless expressed otherwise.)

Here is the grooveshark playlist I made with all the bands I recommend:

I might update the spreadsheet based on my findings at the event. Like where Kanye’s secret shows might be (signs point to the VEVO Powerplant Party), the Foo Fighters secret show, or any other SXSW secrets I may uncover. I will possibly be adding some Monday and Tuesday shows depending on when I arrive at ATX.

Also dont forget to see the blog posts below for more SXSW info and follow me on twitter @Candy95Intern.

Since I love this song and Grooveshark didn’t have it heres a great Miniature Tigers video to spiff up this post.