That’s One SEXY Troll!

A new article from Today Show’s Parenting section shows us just how sexy our toys are getting.  Is is too far?  Are these toys sending the wrong message to little girls?

And it’s not just Barbie getting all the slack these days.  Candyland, Holly Hobbie, and even Troll Dolls (yes! TROLL DOLLS) are going glam.  Part of me likes the modern makeovers.  They look hip and cool.  But do toys REALLY need to be hip and cool?  Can’t they just be fun???

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These photos have me thinking…what’s next?  Sexy Precious Moments???  Oh man…just googled it.  We’re too late…

From TODAY show:

Dale Atkins, a psychologist and TODAY show contributor, says she’s upset about what the revved-up dolls are teaching girls about their own appearance…

“When we have these ridiculous models — sexualized children, and horses with long eyelashes that are flirtatious and all of that — it sets up this ideal of beauty and body image that kids have to pay attention to because they can’t not pay attention to it. And they feel less good as they’re trying to develop a good sense about their own bodies,” she says. “The sexualized aspect just makes them feel like they’re only good if they are objectified. … And it’s all so subtle, for a child anyway. We parents and adults look at this and say, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so blatant, but in fact it’s subtle because kids are playing with these things and then they look in the mirror.”

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