Snooki is fighting at Wrestlemania

Ugh. First I want to say I think the saddest thing about pro wrestling today is since the return of The Rock to the WWE, it’s painfully obvious that the best thing they have going after 7 years of attempts is The Peoples Champ. There’s no one else even close. The glory days of Stone Cold, Undertaker in his prime, The Rock, Triple H (DX Version 2, Evolution, DX Version 1 returning), Mick Foley, etc. are long gone and this is just another sign that they ain’t coming back.

With that said, Snooki actually does a decent job of getting over in the match that ran last night. Credit goes to the wrestlers she was working with, but still…not a bad bit. Obvious though the crowd is less than impressed with the story line. Notice when Vicki Guererro announces the match I’m pretty sure it gets boo’d. Video below: