Spring Break PANIC BUTTON!

So the break has begun and you have NOTHING TO DO!  Here is my list of the top five places you could do within a day or two, and still have a good time. I must also mention while keeping your wallet semi full.

5.  Galveston, Tx

Pros: Beach, good eats, most affordable!

Cons: The water is brown.

4. San Antonio, Tx

Pros: Family friendly, most variation of activities, scenic

Cons: Driving in the city is a pain

3.  Austin, Tx

Pros: Can be done in a day, sixth street, beautiful landscape, good music

Cons: Longhorn fans =x

2.  South Padre Island, Tx

Pros: Party never ends, spring break capital of Texas, beach

Cons: Not family oriented

1.  New Orleans, La

Pros:  EVERYTHING goes, best food ever, historic, party ends when you tell it to end, both family and party friendly

Cons: Most expensive of the five