SXSW Day 2 and 3

Day 2: The most epic part of day 2 was getting to see, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, the man of my dreams. We made it into the Auditorium Shores Stage but apparently once the event reached capacity, the crowds left standing outside began chanting “let me in” and the gates at one entry point collapsed and thousands rushed in.

We caught Twin Shadow…..

and then The Strokes. They played all of my favs and I seriously had an eargasm when Julian sang Ask Me Anything. The concert ended under the moonlight with fireworks and a city skyline it was nothing short of perfection.


Ended my night with a few shows on 6th street and a dance party at the 21st street co-op.

Day 3: Headed to the Fader party which was basically like a circus for adults with acts instead of rides. (All you can drink for free, free cotton candy, popcorn, icecream, etc.) Caught a bit of Odd Future which are super crazy rappers that climb rafters and BTHO their own crowds. Theyre known for being relatively young with the oldest member being 20 and the youngest at 14 (apparently his mom sent him to a boarding school because she dissaproved of his lyrics).

Then caught Matt & Kim tearing it up. They played all the hits Sidewalks, Daylight, etc. and Kim even stood on top of the crowd and gave us a little show.

We met the manager of Smith Westerns and he gave us VIP passes to Stubbs after hours. So we caught the Steve Madden showcase and scored VIP seating and some swag. The first act we caught was and the Airbone Toxic Event. Then we listened to Scala & Kolacny Brothers which is what I imagine sirens (think Oddessey) sound like.

And just as the headliner OMD took stage tragedy struck. A camera boom crashed down on an unsuspecting crowd; people were screaming there were 3 people knocked out on the ground and I saw one guys head bleeding purfusely. Several photographers were snapping shots and they were immediately escorted from the premesis. We could see it all from VIP and that bothered me so we left.

Eventually, we headed to west campus to partake in the various co-op after party shows.