Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle- ARRESTED!

This season of Teen Mom 2 has been pretty crazy. I haven’t seen a whole lot of people talking about it, which is weird and I don’t know why, but it also means I don’t know what people are thinking about this little gem named Jenelle.

For a while I felt bad for her. It’s obvious her upbringing really sucked, she doesn’t feel loved, and no matter what she does she can’t seem to get her life together.

…Then the video of her demolishing a girl’s face surfaced last week and I decided feeling bad for her is not an option.

Because of the video, she was arrested over the weekend then released on bond. Court date is set for April 26, and I’m assuming she’s still relatively homeless/away from her kid.

BONUS: There was a warrant out for Kieffer’s arrest too thanks to drug/cocaine charges from a year ago.

Apparently people don’t use their brains when deciding to be on a reality show. If you do drugs, if you have a warrant out for your arrest, or if you beat people up for fun, your mug shot is probably going to be spread all over the Internet… especially if you look high as a kite and just plain ridiculous.

Just.. Wow. These two are unbelievable. What idiots.

BUT.. if you want to be entertained, I found Jenelle on Twitter today and I’m pretty pumped about reading all of her tweets trying to say she does nothing wrong… [It's been a few weeks since she tweeted, but I have no doubt she'll be back. She's too feisty not to.]