“The bitch is back”: Britney covers V Magazine!

It’s almost time for Britney Spears’ new album, and to prove how ready she is to take over the pop world again, she’s on the cover of V Magazine.

She looks absolutely amazing in every single one of the pictures from the shoot, but to show that she’s really “back” [even though I think she has been back for a while], you gotta check out some of the interview.

Here are some important quotes:

On the upcoming album: “I think Femme Fatale speaks for itself. I worked really hard on it and spent almost two years recording it. There’s nothing to say. I’ll let the music speak for me.”

On everyone always talking about her in a negative light: “I have learned to always stay true to myself and never let what other people say about me change who I am. It’s a really important lesson that took me a long time to learn.”

On if she was destined to be a star: “If not, then God definitely has a strange sense of humor.”

Her favorite song on the album: “I really love “On the Rocks” because it sounds so different from anything I have ever heard. It’s so cool and quirky.”

On what people need to know about her today: “The bitch is back and better than ever!”