This Girl Just Kissed Her Future Goodbye…

I found this video today and as I watched, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  She is so completely and embarrassingly RACIST.  She writes off her comments as “not the most politically correct”, but let’s call it what it is…she is a small-minded, bigoted jerk.  Her name is Alexandra Wallace and she’s a Political Science major at UCLA.  (Well…I’m just wondering for how long.)  She’ll be hard-pressed to get a career in politics after this.  But I don’t think she should even get the chance to graduate.  I personally think UCLA should kick her butt right out of school!   – Alli


According to the NYDailyNews:

The video first surfaced Friday, the day an earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan, killing an estimated 10,000 people and leaving millions more without food, water or shelter.  A university spokesman told the school’s Daily Bruin newspaper the video was “repugnant.”  “The comments on there are contrary to the values the university believes in,” university spokesman Phil Hampton said.