Why I wish I was Laura Marling.

Laura Marling is the sweetheart of nu-folk, with elvish good looks, and talent to boot. Yes so I may have a girl crush on her. Shes primarily a solo act that makes all her music sound like poetry.  Marling was also a part of the original line-up of indie folk band Noah and the Whale; she has collaborated with The Rakes, Mystery Jets, Johnny Flynn, The Moldy Peaches, and Mumford and Sons.

She even dated super dreamy, Noah and the Whale frontman, Charlie Fink . When they split he wrote and entire album about her ( The First Rights of Spring). And now shes linked to Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons and just got back from touring with the band in India. Geeze Marling leave some cute British folk singers for the rest of us.

Im pretty sure this song is about her leaving Fink for Mumford (which might make me hate her if I didnt love her so).