Wrestler or Racehorse (Wednesday)

I’ve decided to give you guys the inside edge on WWE Tickets. Tomorrow at 7:30 we’ll play Wrestler or Racehorse. Winner gets a pair of tickets to see the WWE at Reed Arena this Sunday. If you’ve never heard the game, I give you 7 names. Some are Wrestlers and some are Racehorses. You tell me which is which. If you get 5 of 7 correct you win.

Let’s make it even easier for my Candy95.com users!!

Here’s tomorrows names and answers:

Underdog – RACEHORSE
Lady Madonna – RACEHORSE
Gorilla Monsoon – WRESTLER
Brie Bella – WRESTLER

Doesn’t get any easier than that. Be listening tomorrow at 7:30 AM, be the correct caller, give me the answers and you win. Please try to act excited and suprised. -Frito