9 types of girls at prom

It’s Prom season! These are the 9 types of girls you’re bound to see at the dance:

1. The Good Girl

She’s got a gorgeous dress that doesn’t show too much skin, and probably went with her best friend.

2. Daddy’s Princess

She’s practically a beauty queen with the most expensive dress there and thinks she deserves the crown at the end of the night… but won’t get it.

3. The Prom Queen

She’s showing a little skin, but not too much, and is definitely decked out in sequins. Luckily/hopefully her ego isn’t as spectacular as her dress.

4. Prom Is A Wedding Dry Run

This needs no explanation. The girl can’t wait til her wedding day, so she’s trying to make that day today.

5. The Slut

The amount of cloth used on her dress could be used on one pair of underwear. She’s got one thing on her mind, and it’s not what happens during prom. [Unless, of course, she can find a place to sneak off to.]

6. The Lush

Look at the slut, go one level down, and you find the lush. She’s showing skin, and she’s looking for a boy to be with her on the dance floor all night long… and maybe someone to tease afterward, too.

7. Anti-Prom Girl

She hates prom. She hates high school. She’d never be caught dead in a prom dress… Yet she’s at the event. Some “boycott,” huh?

8. The Goth

Also a surprising sight at the dance, but at least she’s sticking to her black tendencies. Lots of black. Lots of poof or mesh. Dark make-up. Probably sitting at a table talking smack about all the pretty girls.

9. The Artsy Chick

You’re not going to see her in a store-bought dress. Nooo way. She made it herself with anything from duct tape to feathers, and somehow it looks kinda cool.

Which one will you be this year?