Celebs that are banned from foreign countries

Snoop Dogg- Banned from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia for his extensive criminal record.

Paris Hilton- Banned from Japan for drug possession.

Brad Pitt- Banned in China for his movie “7 Years In Tibet.”

Akon- Banned from Sri Lanka because of the music video for his song “Sexy Chick.”

Beyonce- Banned from Malaysia for being a bit too risque.

Miley Cyrus- Banned from China for posting this “slanty-eyed” picture.

Boy George- Banned from the USA after being arrested for using a male escort.

Amy Winehouse- Banned from the USA for drug convictions/beating up a fan.

Chris Brown- Banned from the UK after his felony assault charges against Rihanna.

Jay-Z- Banned from China for vulgar lyrics.

Busta Rhymes- Banned in the UK for assault and weapons charges.

Spencer Pratt- Banned from Costa Rica for illegal weapons possession.

50 Cent- Banned in Canada for promoting violence.

Lady Gaga- Banned from Malaysia for her “gay” lyrics. Not cool, Malaysia.

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