Is Richard Cheese Playing the Royal Wedding?

Why do I always fall for internet pranks?  Well here is one that is either so ridiculous that it must be true, or so over the top that there is no way in HELL that this is real.  One of my favorite artists claims to be performing at one of the receptions tomorrow after the Royal Wedding.  And of all people it would be that joker, Richard Cheese.  That’s right Richard Cheese and the Lounge Against the Machine, are claiming on their website, their Facebook, and on other blogs, that they are in fact performing at the Royal Wedding Reception.  Not only that, but they are recording this historic event and releasing it as a live album on May 4th…here’s the album art, from their Facebook page.


NOWHERE on the internet can I find anything to confirm or disavow this story. Now I could see the Royal couple loving lounged out versions of Top 40 and Rock Favorites, but seriously having him perform Down with the Sickness, unedited amongst the nobility of England, that’s a harder pill to swallow.  If you don’t know who Richard Cheese is, I’ve posted links to his website and Facebook below.  I like him because it takes a very twisted comical mind to re-arrange pop songs for 3 piece lounge bands and sing them in a totally different key and tempo, leaving all the profanity in the lyrics and make it all melodious and hilarious at the same time!!!


So vote in my poll below, let me know if this is real or just an internet hoax, and we’ll find out for sure tomorrow after the Royal Nuptials.


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Richard Cheese official site

Richard Cheese on Facebook