Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 10

Episode 10: “Rice Wars”

Okay let me just say this has to have been one of the most bizarre episodes of Survivor in a long time.  Virtually nothing ground breaking happened besides a bunch of bickering for no reason!  It leaves me with limited things to blog about with limited game play.  However, lets begin!

Highest IQ?  Didn’t Seem Like It

David was said to have the highest IQ in Survivor history.  It sure does not mean much for this game!  In the first ever three way duel (I know that sounds odd) David was eliminated.  I hate to continuously keep harping on this guy but he deserves it.  David acted like he was some sort of smart power player most of this game.  What big moves did he make?  NONE.  It’s okay to follow the leader at times and stay quiet, but to continuously follow bad plans is a horrible idea.  He tried some things later on after it was too late making him a liability to his own alliance.  According to him he did not want to throw the challenge to eliminate Russell.  If I recall correctly David was the lead culprit in throwing the challenge essentially forfeiting on the final puzzle of that game.  If he had done the puzzle and won it would have spared Russell three days, gave Zapatera a three man advantage, and possibly David a million dollars.  When you have an instinctive idea on Survivor you must control your own destiny.  He felt threatened if he rolled the dice on his mates he would be voted out.  This could have been possible, but he had three other people to turn to plus his side kept winning immunity.  Russell would not have been a bad security blanket either, I’m just saying.  David deserves where he is, and he should never be cast on this show again.  You can look smart, act smart, and maybe really be smart, but if you don’t play smart you end up getting voted out.

Phillip… WTH?

The main course of this episode centered around Phillip having an absolute explicative laced tirade on Steve and the Zapatera members.  Basically all they told Ometepe was that they could not share their rice containers.  I believe this is fair, Ometepe has been distancing themselves from Zapatera for a few episodes now so why should they share anything?  Why make the enemy stronger?  Phillip decided to be his usual crazy self and Steve let him know in what I would call a professional manner.  This is when things got out of hand and Phillip went on a racism based tirade.  I will not get into a debate on this because I don’t know the complete situation of the two individuals at debate.  However, Phillip regardless of how he thought made a million dollar mistake.  I still believe this guy is in a prime position to make the finals but he has to keep his cool!  The things he said in the last episode just earned Rob some votes in the final three, and believe me Rob knows it!  To top everything off however, is Julie hid Phillips shorts.  BRILLIANT.  I have been wondering when a Zap would get sick of being looked down upon and would do something manly.  It took a lady to do this!  She buried his shorts in a hidden location and leaves Phillip to possibly have to walk around in underwear for 12 days.  Hilarious!  An episode saving moment.  Rob would go onto winning immunity and Julie was then voted out.  It was all very predictable once again, and is turning into a rather boring theme this season.  I wish Zapatera would just raise hell among the camp just to do so.  If I 100% knew I was going home I would all but burn the camp down.  Basically lie and say so and so is talking about so and so.  Keep egging Phillip on, try to build a fake idol, JUST DO SOMETHING!  Maybe next week something fun can happen, but I doubt it.  Till next time!

Player Of The Week: Julie Wolfe

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 4 Wins

2.  Grant – 2 Wins

3.  Matty – 1 Win

4.  Natalie – 1 Win

5.  Julie – 1 Win

6.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)