Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 11

Episode #11: “A Mystery Package”

One word for the development of this season, and this past episode… UGH!

Fame Or A Million Dollars?

Every season has a few castaways we all know have absolutely no interest in winning the money.  It always frustrates me as a Survivor fan and a hopeful contestant one day.  Regardless bottom dwellers are a part of the game, and one must align with them in order to make it to the end.  However being a bottom dweller is a legitimate strategy, and can put you in position to win the game.  However the only way to officially win would be to make a big move at a big time.  What am I getting at you ask?  I’m starting to feel as if 3/4 of this cast did not come to play Survivor.  Perhaps they came to further their career, perhaps they came for an adventure, but they sure did not come to play a game and it is a crying shame.  Without Phillip these people would have given us nothing to offer this season.

Boston Rob’s Adventure

For any of Boston Rob’s cult to take the paycheck home they will have to cut him soon.  The only person Rob wants on his side is Phillip, because he will be pretty dang easy to beat.  The show started off with a duel and Matty came through once again!  I have to admit I truly want to root for this guy.  However would a jury give the money to a guy who has been voted out TWICE!?  Mike also came through in the duel thus eliminating Julie.  The following day was the immunity challenge, where Grant came through once again.  He better hope he keeps on winning immunity because his time is near.  The original Ometepe six were then presented an interesting situation.  If two of them would flip their votes they could force a tie to vote out Rob.  Three puts him on redemption.  Steve and Ralph were blunt trying to offer the girls Natalie and Ashley.  THEY DID NOT EVEN CONSIDER IT!? What in the hell?  You are here to play for a million dollars and could probably get the numbers to blindside the guy running the entire game, and you DON’T do it?  Why are they on this show?  Do they seriously think they can all just be happy do-da and make it to the end with Rob.  Common sense tells us that Phillip is going to the finals.  Common sense tells us Grant will be the first to go once they are down to six.  Why are these people not playing the game!?  It is a disgrace to the game of Survivor.  Fortunately there was a twist to speed things up.  At tribal council Ralph was voted off easily, but that was not all.  There was a mystery package they opened which entailed an immunity challenge and another vote promptly.  If Steve could win this challenge he could completely screw over Ometepe.  Their backup plan appeared to be to vote off Andrea.  However Rob remained dominant and won immunity.  Steve was then sent home eliminating all of Zapatera.. for now.

Idiots Of The Week

I truly hope someone will try to play the game soon.  This season has gotten extremely dry with nobody playing the game anymore.  Redemption Island got off to a really fun start, but turned sour when several hard nose players were eliminated early.  The bottom dweller syndrome of this show has now allowed dummies to convene and further themselves in the game easily.  This is a LEGITIMATE strategy.  However it is only legitimate if you have a play in mind to make when the time is right.  Grant, Andrea, Natalie, and Ashley, all could have made this play.  Instead they will let Rob pick them all off one by one just like Zapatera.  Rob is not out there to be your boyfriend (he’s married), your boy, or your best friend.  He wants to win another paycheck, don’t let him folks.  This episode deserved no player of the week, instead I’m rating the idiots of the week.

1.  Grant – Having fun just playing second fiddle to Rob?  Lex did that in All-Stars and got axed.  Do your homework.

2.  Ralph – Just for being on this show, you were a terrible castaway and lead your entire tribe into demise.

3.  Natalie and Ashley – Please get voted out soon, you both may tie for the most boring castaways in Survivor history.  I thought maybe you would make a move last week, or at least consider the idea.  ‘Cause you know there is this thing called a million dollars maybe you’d like?  No that is too much to consider!