Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 7

Episode 7: “It Don’t Take a Smart One”

Episode seven did not offer much besides setting up storylines for the looming merge.  From what I can see the power players going into the merge have become to form.  They could either be quick pickens or they could take it to the end and win this game.  Rob, Grant, David, and Phillip… yes Phillip will all play major roles in the rest of this game. 


Do I even have to say who became victorious at redemption?  Once again Matty showed he has more inner and outer strength than all his competitors.  He beat Stephanie pretty handily at a memory game.  It was revealed after the episode that next week will be the final redemption challenge.  Now it’s time to dicuss his competitor!

Former NFL play or 100 lb chick: It Does NOT Matter

One thing I have always loved about Survivor is how you can have a stacked tribe of athletes or built dudes and they still lose in challenges.  The team challenges test one’s ability to communicate and work together as a team more than anything.  Zapatera can flex their muscles all they want, they cannot work together and it has become a psychological problem.  Lets look at the matchups here.  Zapatera has Mike – Iraq veteran, Steve – former NFL player, Julie – Firefighter.  Three people that one would think should physically be light years above the competition.  Yet they lose to Ometepe with Phillip who is out of shape, Natalie and Ashley who both are skinny girls with not much to offer.  Zapataera just plain sucks.  They showed it once again at the last challenge in which they actually faired well before having a meltdown at the end.  The other former NFL player, Grant for Ometepe, came through big scoring the majority of the points at the end of the challenge.  He drained four shots in a basketball goal out of five.  He is one of the best physical players on this game in years.  Probably the best since former winner J.T.  After Zapatera failed to win they were put at crossroads who to vote out of their original six alliance.  They could go with the waste of space Sarita, or vote off a solid player in David.  Sarita offers a guaranteed vote as she is a follower, but David helps keep the tribe strong physically.  Fortunately for the sometimes outspoken they voted Sarita out and banished her to redemption.

Merge Next Week UH OH!

The merge is a blessing for players like Phillip, Matty, and David right now.  However Boston Rob and Ralph are in immediate trouble.  First off Ralph blew his cover weeks ago when he revealed to Ometepe he had an immunity idol.  Rob and his gang will try to flush that out somehow ASAP.  However this is if Rob has numbers.  Assuming Matty comes back into the game from redemption, he could possible join Zapatera along with Phillip swinging the numbers around.  However NOBODY knows Rob has an immunity idol.  If he plays it right and puts votes on Ralph he could clear all idols from the game.  Maybe I’m just jumping the gun and hoping something this epic happens!  This game is about to get really fun now with the merge.  I still have a gut feeling Phillip will mess this entire game up for a couple people.  It will be hilarious!

Player Of The Week: Grant Mattos (2nd Win)

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 3 Wins

2.  Grant – 2 Wins

3.  Matty – 1 Win

4.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)