Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 8

Episode 8: “This Game Respects Big Moves”

Wow wow wo did this episode not go the way I expected!  Let the games begin!  The episode started off with the final duel (or so we thought) at redemption.  It was Sarita versus Matty in a standing endurance challenge.  If I ever got on the show I would totally struggle on these!  It has got to be hard to stand on pegs and not move an inch of your body for hours at a time.  Anyhow as expected Matty pulled through in a close duel, as both entire tribes watched.  Promptly after the duel the merge was announced, and stage II of Survivor was set to begin.

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself

Historically the quickest way to get voted out of Survivor is to play scared.  If you get on the show you must do your homework and know exactly how to play it cool!  It happens every season, you get a paranoid player or two that pretty much vote themselves out.  This may have been the best case, ever in Survivor history this week!  Matty returned from redemption at the merge and immidiately had discussions with former ally Andrea.  Considering it had been weeks since Matty has been in the social game, a lot has changed.  Andrea listened to a possible plan Matty had derived to take out Boston Rob but was not convinced.  Mike from the former Zapatera approached Matty with a dang good deal in my opinion.  He offered Matty to jump the ship vote with them and possibly blindside Rob and Grant.  Even if they want to be Ometepe loyals, YOU HAVE TO TARGET STRONG PLAYERS. or you will not win.  The easiest time to do this is at the beginning of the merge in my opinion.  The numbers are wacky and people tend to flip.  However once they lock in on their new game plan they may ride it to the end, and you can forget anyone flipping.  Matty could provide himself some more power if he could win the immunity challenge.  This time he would have to beat everyone!  It was not in the cards however, as Natalie won with an absolutely stunning immunity victory.  I have to give it to the youngin’.  I have given her a lot of bashing on this blog, and then she shuts me up and wins the first individual immunity.  Following this challenge Matty found it necessary to convene with Rob, THE GUY WHO ORCHESTRATED HIS EXIT.  Why Matty?  Matty spills his entire plan to Rob and lets him know that he considered going to Zapatera.  Matty then said he was staying true to Ometepe.  I suppose he was trying to sound honorable.  To Boston Rob he just sounded like a fool.  Rob decided that was enough and tried to orchestrate a hit again on Matty.

Welcome To Survivor Hall Of Shame

I have really really been behind Matty on his run, and comeback back into this game.  But why?  Why could he just not come in and be the swing vote for Zapatera?  He was not going to be in a favorable position whereve he went, but don’t stir up trouble!  At tribal council the Zapatera remaining five placed all their votes on Grant.  Meanwhile Rob rallied his troops to place six votes on Matty,  including former buddy Andrea.  Matty unaware of everything going on was sent home.  Luckily for Matty a twist was added to this situation!  HE GOES BACK TO REDEMPTION HA!  I guess he just loves it there.  Matty will have new competitors soon, lets see if he can clean house again!  Lucky for Matty he wasn’t the only dummy.  Ralph decided to waste his idol to protect Mike at tribal when Mike was not even in danger.  DUMMY!  Next week supposedly there will be two tribal councils!  Can’t wait! 

Player Of The Week:  Natalie Tenerelli

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 3 Wins

2.  Grant – 2 Wins

3.  Matty – 1 Win

4.  Natalie – 1 Win

5.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)