Krashing Down Survivor Episode: 9

Episode 9: “The Buddy System”

Episode nine may have been the biggest eye opener of any Redemption Island episode yet.  The one hour show would contain two immunity challenges, two tribal councils, and of course two more banished castaways.

You’re Only As Good As Your Foundation

Survivor a lot of times is summed up by bold moves late in the game by the naked eye.  However one will never get to make the bold move without two things, luck and a good early game foundation.  Strategical players like Mike and David had this opportunity on Zapatera.  They had recognized a player they wanted at the bottom of their tribe (Russell).  They had numbers in their favor.  Finally they had a tight knit core group to play with.  However their ego’s and stupidity got in the way and they cut someone that did not needed to be cut in Russell.  Doing this they threw a challenge and possibly dislodged their momentum and psychological approach.  They lost their numbers with a losing streak up to the merge and possibly A MILLION DOLLARS.  Throwing a challenge is a million dollar mistake every time anyone thinks about it.  Rob cannot stand Phillip’s guts and maybe even some of the others.  However he knows how to play the game and if you can just make the person like you, you have nothing to worry about.  There is nothing better than carrying somebody possibly on the outs with you on your alliance if they think they completely belong there.

If You Lead You Won’t Succeed

During this episode we saw just how powerful Boston Rob really is.  This is good for him right now, and is great television.  However he is making it virtually impossible for him to win the game.  He has pretty much got the old Ometepe ignoring everything Zapatera does or tries, and is treating them like trash.  Look I get it, they deserve to be the lesser of the tribes but there is a social game.  For all the flack Russell has gotten over the years for a poor social game, Rob has a lot of the same flaws.  Rob has his tribe treating Zapatera rudely in order for them to take flack and the votes go towards Rob at the end.  They aren’t that stupid, they know who orchestrates everything, they know who Rob wants in the final three.  Zapatera may be dumb but they are not THAT dumb.  Right now Rob is running an operation to make Zapatera feel miserable, and in return he will create a very bitter jury.  If he has Ometepe continue on this path, I feel like they will throw the money at anybody besides Rob much like Survivor Samoa.  This leads me to a debate in a sense.  If Rob successfully picks off every single person on Zapatera and puts them all on the jury, is it smart?  This would create a jury of possibly six Zapatera and three Ometepe.  Or if you throw Matty into the bunch he’s basically not voting Rob.  The only way Rob wins this game is if he spares some of his own men soon, because he has to play with these guys at some point.  If he goes the way he is going and picks off every single Zapatera one by one, he like the others has made a million dollar mistake.  The difference for Rob is he can afford it.

Right On Cue

The game play was pretty generic this week, in terms of votes.  In the first immunity challenge Andrea claimed victory and basically won it for Ometepe.  Mike and David were instantly on the chopping block as Steve, Ralph, and Julie really do not pose much of a threat.  Mike got the axe and was summoned to redemption.  Thus we found out of a twist that the next duel will not take place with two people but rather with three.  We will see who comes out on top next episode, and I assume it will eliminate two castaways at once.  In the next immunity challenge the monster Grant took victory.  I cannot believe Rob isn’t the least bit afraid of Grant winning every immunity and possibly cleaning house later in this game.  Maybe he is and they just aren’t showing it.  This left it to Rob’s team to vote off David in which they did easily again.  A dispute arose at the first tribal when Phillip was accused by Julie of being the low man on their squad.  She makes a valid point, but the low men make it further.  Phillip may play dumb, but I believe he is at least decently intelligent.  Phillip wants Rob to think that he cannot win the game and be taken to the end.  However I truly believe Phillip will make his attempt at mission impossible and vote out Rob when the time is right.  He better hope the time is right!  Everyone in that game is scared to cross Rob like he is a mobster, but they all have the power to play their own game.  They do not have to continue following his orders, and if they want to win a million dollars this game respects big moves.  If anyone is going to win this game, they have to find some type of method to win votes over from the bitter Zapatera.  If you can’t adjust to the situation than you don’t belong on this show!  Come on guys lets ruffle some feathers and change it up next week!

Player Of The Week: Rob Mariano (4th Win)

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 4 Wins

2.  Grant – 2 Wins

3.  Matty – 1 Win

4.  Natalie – 1 Win

5.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)