McDonald’s Off The Menu Secret Items

This morning we shared with you the Top 15 secret “Off the Menu” items at McDonalds. Some of these are only available at certain times of the year and others are regional. Test these out at the Bryan/College Station locations and let’s find out how many are available here:

1. THE ALL AMERICAN: A normal sized hamburger with JUST PICKLES AND KETCHUP.

2. THE BIG MACCHICKEN: This is a Big Mac where all buns are replaced with Regular OR Spicy McChicken Fillets. Think the Double Down but upgraded.

3. BISCUITS AND GRAVY: This was CONFIRMED to exist at the Caldwell McDonalds. Not sure about the B/CS locations.

4. GRILLED CHEESE: They use buns instead of regular bread, but everything else is the same. Allegedly available at ALL MCDONALDS.

5. PIE MCFLURRY: You heard right. You can ask for one of McDonalds pies to be blended into your McFlurry. That’s just smart!!

6. ROOT BEER FLOAT: Root Beer. Soft Serve. Enough said.

7. MCLEPRECHAUN SHAKE: Available ONLY when the Shamrock Shake is (St. Paddys) this is a Shamrock Shake combined with a traditional Chocolate Shake and blended.

8. LAND SEA AND AIR BURGER: One burger composed of Beef, McChicken Fillets, Bacon, AND a Filet of Fish

9. COKE FLOAT: Same as Root Beer Float…but with Coke.

10. FRIES WITH BIG MAC SAUCE: If you ask, your fries can be drowned in the signature “Special Sauce”

11. NEOPOLITAN SHAKE: Patterned after a similiar item at In-N-Out Burger, this is a layer of Chocolate shake, followed by a layer of Vanilla, followed by a layer of Strawberry. NOT TO BE BLENDED.

12. CHICKEN AND WAFFLES: Chicken Strips covered in Syrup and sandwiched in between TWO MCGRIDDLES!! GENIUS!

13. TWO CHEESEBURGER MEAL: It’s been removed from many menus across the franchise, but it IS STILL THERE.

14. MONSTER MAC: 8 Big Mac Patties, 8 Slices of Cheese

15. MCKINLEY MAC: The product of the unholy union of a DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER and a BIG MAC. Essentially it’s a larger version of the Big Mac built with the patties and buns from the Double QP.

Test these out and let us know which of these we can confirm are available in Aggieland!