Pia Toscano gets a record deal!

Last week, everyone gasped when Pia was voted off of American Idol, but remember: sometimes it’s for the best!

Since being voted off less than four days ago, the girl seems to be anything but upset about the opportunities she’s been given.

The biggest news: She has signed a record deal with Interscope Records! Apparently they’ve already been working on getting some of the best songwriters on board and want her in the studio ASAP. [Because of my interview with Tim Halperin, I know that no matter what album she puts together, nothing can be released until late September, so that the winner can get their shot first without competition.]

PLUS! She’s adding to all of the “Idol” dating rumors! Over the weekend she was seen on a date with Mark Ballas from “Dancing With the Stars!”

Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe is saying that based on votes, she was never a frontrunner in the show, but we’ll see if that’s true when all of this season’s contestants start getting their albums out.