RECAP American Idol Top 7: Who should go home?

Last night, the final 7 Idols performed songs from the 2000’s. The possibilities seemed rather endless, and song choice may have had more of an impact this week than any one before.

Check out all the performances from the night and vote to tell us who you think should go home tonight!

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**OPINION EDIT from Elizabethany**

Who I LOVED: Haley and Casey! LOVED both of their renditions of popular songs! ["Rollin in the Deep" and "Harder to Breathe"] Casey’s kiss for Jennifer Lopez was awesome as well! I love that he’s not afraid, even though all the blogs and news sites are saying “guys are afraid to talk to Jennifer Lopez because of Mark Anthony.” PFFT. Mark Anthony, WHO?!

Picking my bottom three was pretty easy this week, but it’s honestly 95% because of song choice. Scotty, Stefano, and Jacob need to be sitting on those stools. I don’t know who I want to go home because they’re all pretty great, but I think Stefano has consistently done the worst. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say, though!

**OPINION EDIT from Alli**

Who I LOVED: There were three really great performances last night for me — Haley, Casey, and James.  As usual, it all came down to song choice.  Each one of these contestants showed us exactly how they could be star today.  Haley’s version of “Rollin’ in the Deep” by Adelle proved to America that there is a place in pop music for her vintage-style voice.  Casey’s rendition of Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breath” was dead on.  He has the personality, he has the musical ability.  Now we see that he can also be current.  (Plus, when he kissed J.Lo on the cheek, I about died.  So funny!)  Finally, I really thought James did a great job when he took on Muse.  It wasn’t my favorite performance of all time from him, I thought that the song gave him a great platform to showcase his ability to bring some serious drama to the stage.  So, good for him.

So…Who’s going home??:  I predict the bottom three this week to be Jacob, Haley :(, and Stefano.  But it’s GOT to be Stefano going home this week.