Sneak peek of Lady GaGa’s HBO special

Lady GaGa’s Madison Square Gardens show was recorded for a special to air on HBO on May 7. Today, we’re getting the first look at what’s to come in this sure-to-be-emotional documentary.


“Sometimes I still feel like a loser. I feel like they’re trying to destroy me. I can not be destroyed. I will not be destroyed, and they can never destroy the kingdom that is my fans.”

See? Everyone goes through hard times. It gets better!
It looks like this special is going to be a little more in dept than your average GaGa appearance.


Does this aggrevate anyone else?! I’d really love to watch this special and be like “okay, fine… I like this chic. She’s weird, but I like her.” This clip made me want to punch something. If you don’t want people to only look at the outside or judge you for wearing insane things, DON’T WEAR THEM! You weren’t born in an egg. You probably don’t need to do your hair all sorts of funky all the time. Show us the real you. Just because you cry doesn’t mean you’re letting any of your fans in, sorry.