Texas Rangers Wedding Fail


Audio is kind of bad in this clip, but I’ll post the script below. This guy basically humiliates his fiance (the blonde beside him) by saying his wedding day will be the worst day of his life. Nice, bro.

Knox: You guys are getting married at the ballpark tomorrow morning. Matt, how does it feel?

Matt: Uh, it’s gonna be the worst day of my life.

Knox: Really? Wow, uh, you’re gonna get some good remarks [sic?] for that one. Why the ballpark, Taylor?

Taylor: This is actually my first time here, and we’re really huge sports fans, so we decided this couldn’t be a better place.

Taylor points to a bunch of sweaty dudes around him.

Matt: And these are my group, right here are my boys.

Knox: Maybe not after tonight, but here’s the shirt, here’s the hat. Congratulations. Progressive Fan of the Game. Way to go, Matt. Way to go, Taylor.

Thanks to¬†NowPublic.com for the script. Here’s a link to the story if you want to read more:¬† Ballpark Wedding, Worst Day of My Life | NowPublic News Coverage