Video: Lindsay Lohan on Leno

Lindsay Lohan was on Jay Leno last night to discuss her latest court hearing and sentencing due to her alleged jewelry theft and probation violation. A source says that Jay got the interview because he has treated the Lohans well over the years and “has always been protective of [Lindsay].”

The crowd gave Lindsay a standing ovation when she walked on stage. The interview went pretty well for Lindsay. It seemed like she wants to take responsibility for some fo the mistakes she has made in the past. Hopefully she can keep it up. Here’s the preview clip of the interview in which she talks about her past mistakes:

During the interview, Lindsay told Jay that’s she’s still confirmed for her role as John Gotti’s daughter-in-law in “Gotti: Three Generations“.  The producer was supposedly in the audience to show his support.

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If you want to watch the whole interview…you can watch the full episode here.