Vote for TEAM NIBSABETHANY for Bobblehead Mania!!!

When I found out about us doing Bobble-head Mania, I was a little worried. I’ve asked you all to vote for me and support me so many times in the past year, I didn’t wanna have to do it again!

After talking to Niblett and seeing how bad he wants and deserves this, realizing that Alli is TOTALLY CHEATING by giving out free t-shirts and having Frito on her side, I decided that I’m forfeiting and putting everything I got into making sure the BCS has little Nibletts in their hands!

So.. VOTE FOR NIBLETT! Dooo itttt. You won’t regret it. I’ll love you forever. And let’s face it- we’re cooler than Morning Candy, and he actually runs the show every day unlike *eh hum* SOMEONE who’s in the race…

Click the pic!