ABC’S Of Krash?


It’s a crying shame I have had this blog for months and I have not been suckered into one of these things.  Anyhow it’s two in the morning and I’m not tired.  Lets throw it down!

The ABC’s Of Krash:

1. Age: 22.. I’m right at the age where my looks max out ;)

2. Bed size: Queen!  But before I graduated college I slept in a prison bed NO JOKE.

3. Chore you hate:  Washing the dishes, it brings back horrible roommate memories from 2007.  Details not necessary.

4. Dogs: My old buddies!  Weeser and Willy RIP =(

5: Essential to start your day: Run to the bathroom because I have to pee!

6: Favorite color: Orange (I know I just lost like 5,000 fans)

7: Gold or silver: Platinum!

8: Height: 6’0! ehhhhrg I mean 5’11

9: Instruments you play: Air drums MASTER

10: Job title: Weekend Radio Warrior

11: Kids: Two at max however, NO DAUGHTERS

12: Live: Anywhere I can be a superstar and continue to push forward

13: Mom’s name: Finster.. not really

14: Nicknames: The cAndy, Mellow… you have to know me personally

15: Overnight hospital stays: Tonsils taken out!

16: Pet peeve: loud chewers, college students who have the common sense of a third grader, slow drivers!

17: Quote from a movie: “Sometimes, truth isn’t good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.” -Batman

18: Righty or lefty: ambidextrous

19: Siblings: One sister

20: Time you wake up: Since it has been summer 12:00 PM.. I know

21: Underwear: Hey ladies ;)

22: Vegetable you dislike: Spinach YUCK!!!!!!

23: What makes you run late: Stalking hot girls pictures on Facebook.  Never fails!

24: X-Rays: Quite a few, most recently a dislocated shoulder.

25: Yummy food you make: Me cook?  It’s a work in progress.  For now Pop Tarts

26: Favorite zoo animal: Exotic Birds!