How Old is Too Old?

When it comes to fashion, some things are better left to the kids. On the other hand I’ve seen women WAAAAAY older then the ages on this list rock these looks like no ones business. Judge for yourself.

The data comes from a study in England. They asked women when they felt they were too old to wear a specific cloting item. This is what they found.

Bikini. You’re too old at age 47.

Miniskirt. 35.

Tube top. 33.

Stilettos. 51.

Belly button ring. 35.

Knee-high boots. 47.

Leather pants. 34.

Leggings. 45.

UGG boots. 45.

See-through blouse. 40.

One-piece bathing suit. 61.

Long hair. 53.

Ponytail. 51.

Also, 5% of women have been told at a store that they were trying on something that wasn’t right for their age. And 20% said that regardless of when you think you’re too old to wear something wear it anyway if you know you can pull it off.