Idol: Final 4

The Idol hopefuls sang two songs (one that inspires them and one by Lieber and Stoller).   It was an important night, not only because it’s  the Final Four, but also because they are all competing for the Hometown Visit next week.  Check out the performances below:

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Alli’s Idol Recap & Prediction:

James Durbin: James chose Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and he sang it really well.  For me, I can’t imagine that song as anything but karaoke.  So, I really couldn’t take it seriously as a performance.  Either way, he nailed the high notes as usual.  Then….James chose the cheese-tastic “Love Potion #9″ and turned it in to an unexpectedly solid performance.  J-Lo said it best, “With that song, you just proved that you can sing ANYthing.”

Haley Reinhart: Poor Haley…Her “inspirational” song choice was just uninspired.  I would advise any Idol contestant to avoid singing any Michael Jackson song unless it is required by the theme.  No matter what…you just don’t live up to the orginal.  However, her second song “I Who Have Nothing” was one of the most amazing things on the show this season.  Why is she so inconsistent??  It scares me.  I don’t want Haley to go home…

Scotty McCreery: Talk about timely song choice!  Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You” could not have been a more perfect song to speak to the whole country in the week following the death of bin Laden.  But not only that — he sang “the perfect song” in the most perfect way.  Scotty’s second choice “Youngbloods” was really fun.  We got to see the goofy, playful side of him in contrast to the serious, thoughtful side earlier in the night.  It was a good night for Scotty.  But he wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

Lauren Alaina: Lauren’s first performance of the evening was way better than the second.  She sang Martina McBride’s “Anyway” and it suited her perfectly.  Plus, she knocked those power notes right outta the park.  During her second performance, she was a little intimidated by the “evil” lyrics.  She still performed it well, especially at the beginning when she exploded out of the back of the stage. She lost me a little at the end.  Was it me, or did it seem like she may have ran herself out of breath? 

Who’s going home:  No one deserves to go home tonight.  These four contestants are just rediculously great, but I have to choose one.  My prediction is Lauren Alaina.  I think Haley’s fans will vote hard tonight because the judges gave her such a hard time tonight.  Lauren has been a favorite the whole season…but I think that puts her in a dangerous posistion because her fans may assume she’s safe.  I’m predicting “The Daughtry Effect” for Lauren.

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