Idol: Gaga to mentor Top 4

 Lady Gaga is returning to the Idol stage, but not as a performer.  Next week she will take on the role of mentor to the Top 4 contestants! 

The remaining “Idol” hopefuls —  Haley Reinhart, Scotty McGreery, Lauren Alaina and James Durbin — will perform songs  by Leiber and Stoller.  These guys are responsible for some pretty famous songs, but I’m just wondering HOW in the world they are going to make them sound “current”.  The judges always harp on the contestants about song choice and complain that they don’t sound like something that could be a hit today.  Then….the producers choose themes like this one.   It will be an interesting challenge.  If anyone can help the Idols, I’m thinking Gaga can.



Here’s a list of some of the “defining” Leiber and Stoller songs.  Any predictions on what the contestants will choose to sing??  Someone absolutely  HAS to do “Stand by Me”!

  • “There Goes My Baby”
  • “Kansas City”
  • “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”
  • “Yakety Yak”
  • “Poison Ivy”
  • “Charlie Brown”
  • “Ruby Baby”
  • “Stand By Me” (with Ben E. King)
  • “Jailhouse Rock”
  • “Love Potion No. 9″
  • “Searchin'”
  • “Young Blood”
  • “Is That All There Is?”
  • “I’m a Woman”
  • “Lucky Lips”
  • “On Broadway”
  • “Spanish Harlem”