Idol: Lauren and Scotty battle it out!

It’s down to the Final Two on Idol Season 10.  On last night’s episode the season’s two youngest contestants, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, battled it out to become the American Idol.  Obviously, this final round was chock full of country hits.  But who will take home the title?  Watch the videos of the performances below, then let us know what you think!

[morfeo_video 23 /]

Alli’s Opinion: I really WANT Lauren Alaina to win it all!  But, I fear that “Cute-Boy-Syndrome” will prevail and Scotty will claim the Idol title.  So my official pick is Soctty for the win.  Either way, pretty good show last night…and no matter who wins, the country music scene better make room for a couple new superstars!

EB’s opinion: I disagree with Alli, so obviously I have to chime in! ;) TEAM SCOTTY ALL THE WAY! I don’t think he has a chance because the producers totally rigged it with everything they did last night and the choice of singles for them, but I think he’s the one who will be more successful, by a landslide. Plus, there’s this.

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