Idol: The Final 3

It’s hard to believe we’re already down to the Final Three contestants!  The Idol hopefuls sang three songs each:
Round 1 – Contestant’s Choice
Round 2 – Jimmy Iovine’s Choice
Round 3 – Judges’ Choice

[morfeo_video 22 /]

Alli’s Opinion: It was an interesting night because each contestant had one particularly stong round.  Round One without question went to Haley (even though the tripped up the stairs).  She picked a difficult song and ROCKED it!  Plus, having her dad on stage with her on national TV must have been a dream come true for them both.  Round Two has to go to Scotty.  He sang “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” like it was his very own single.  And finally…Round Three.  I WANT to say that this round went to Haley because I love “You Oughta Know” and the thought of Haley singing that song is just awesome…but it didn’t pan out exactly as I imagined it.  So…Lauren gets the win in Round Three.  “I Hope You Dance” fits her character perfectly, so she was really able to sing it with honesty.

All that said…it makes it really hard to say who goes and who stays. 
My Prediction for the Finale: Scotty and Haley showdown!

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