Idol: Top 5 “Now & Then”

The top 5 Idols each performed a current hit and a hit from the 1960s.

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*Alli’s Opinion*

James: Was it just me?  Could I not hear the TV well enough because the judges LOVED his first song (“Closer to the Edge”) and I thought it sounded completely off.  I wasn’t a fan of that performance at all, but I think he redeemed himself for the night with his second performance.  Though there were a couple vocal misses in his version of “Without You”, I loved getting to see the real emotion on stage.  When he was able to squeeze out a single tear (forced or authentic), it was a really smart move.

Lauren: This girl is so good!  We got to see both sides of Lauren with her two performances.  She proved (again) that she’s a total powerhouse with her rendition of Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor” and then she slowed down the pace with “Unchained Melody.”  For me, the content of Unchained Melody was a little mature for Lauren, but lyrics aside she sang the song beautifully and effortlessly.

Jacob: Yikes.  Jacob did not have a great night.  He chose to sing both parts of “No Air” by Chris Brown and Jorin Sparks.  We all know that Jacob has a crazy range, but it seemed like he was really straining to hit Jordin’s notes.  Not a fan of that performance at all.  When he sang “Love Hurts” we got to see more of what we love from Jacob, but with “No Air” still in the back of my mind…I just couldn’t get past it.  Jacob is on THIN ice.

Scotty: Like Lauren, Scotty gave us a big pop country number, followed by a soft ballad…and it’s a great strategy.  Scotty’s version of “Gone” was not my favorite performance from him.  I thought he showed a good connection with the audience, but there were parts that he got completely overshadowed by the backup singers.  His second song, the Willie Nelson classic “You Were Always on My Mind”, was another winner for me.  I love when Soctty slows it down so we can really hear him sing.

Haley: What a cool opportunity for Haley to sing an unreleased Lady Gaga track!  She took the chance of going with an unfamiliar song. The judges panned her for it, but I thought it was smart…and I thought she nailed it.  Is that just me being a huge Gaga fan?  Doesn’t matter becauser I’m 100% positive that her second song was the BEST performance of the entire season.  She started out “House of the Rising Sun” a capella, a suggestion form Sheryl Crow, and I was hooked.  I’m going out on a limb to say that Hayley has made herself a place in the Finale with that performance.

Bottom 2  —  Jacob & James
Going home —  Jacob

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