Keeping up with the Joplin Relief Drive

All day yesterday, the Brazos Valley came together to collectively help the people of Joplin, MO after suffering a massive tornado that took everything away from them. We planned on gathering enough goods to fill a moving truck and leaving as soon as we did it, but we soon learned that we’d be going way above and beyond that goal!

If you didn’t get a chance to come by and see what it was like as hundreds of you pitched in thousands of dollars worth of things, check out the pictures!

[galleryview id=75]

As of now, our three trucks are headed to Joplin! They left at 5am this morning after waiting for the Oklahoma tornadoes to clear, and have been on the road ever since!

There have been a decent amount of complications, though. With flat tires and breakdowns, they’ve been staying patient and trying to make their way up there. Make sure you follow KBTX’s Michael Oder who is on the road and live-blogging the whole thing! KBTX is also keeping an up-to-date map of their location!

We’ll keep you updated with everything as we hear it, as well!