Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 12

Episode 12: “You Mangled My Nets”

Finally finally finally episode 12 offered something different this past week.  The former Ometepe six had to cut on of their own.  Right on cue Boston Rob knew what to do.  His strategy, his game play, his social game, are all amazing.  However with each possible bitter person his casts away is he getting further and further away from any possible chance at a million dollars?

Nice Play

The episode began with a rather boring duel.  It was now with four people (Steve, Matty, Mike, and Ralph).  Steve looked completely finished out there and made it an easy win for the other three to stay alive.  Matty and Mike will be hard to slay on redemption.  If Rob truly does not want to see either of them re-enter the game he will have to turn on his close ally Grant.  I believe Grant is the only one that could dethrone those two at this point.
It really is a hybrid style of playing the game with this Redemption Island business.  If Mike is able to re-enter the game he may be a lead candidate for the million dollars.  He won first place in the duel and had an opportunity to spend the day with his mom.  Or he could let all the people in the regular game visit with their loved ones.  Mike chose to give the tribe their loved ones.  This is a million dollar decision.  If Mike makes it to the end through redemption, he already has a good chance.  However what if this play steals maybe one vote from an Ometepe jury member?  Then it is totally worth it.  I don’t know what kind of mental factor that will play in the others heads, but when your chips are down you have to play the game.  Mike has played a stupid game to an extent, but he has tried to make plays with his back against the wall.  That is the ONLY way Survivor should be played.  Matty and Mike, are two really good guys.  I’m sure I’d enjoy their company in person.

And Then There Were Five

Ometepe’s dominance of this season has been amazing.  I don’t always agree with keeping the original alliance due to jury issues, but it’s impressive.  Boston Rob has played a game where he struck fear into everyone around him.  However the inabilty to play the game for strong athletic players like Andrea and Grant, will hurt them.  Andrea, Grant, and Rob were neck and neck through the immunity challenge.  This thing was TOUGH.  It amazes me how Rob continues to dig deep and play the game like he is a 23 year old fish itching for the money.  The contestants had to make a puzzle up and down a high staircase in 110 degree heat.  When they ran up and down the tower a good 20 times, they looked like death.  Rob prevailed, winning immunity and proceeding to contine his dominance.  Next the tribe had to cut somebody.  Sure it would be easy to vote of the insane Phillip.  But WHY? why would you want to vote out somebody who creates havoc daily, thus losing jury votes.  Andrea and Grant were sitting ducks STILL not playing the game.  Luckily for Grant, Andrea was the target of mobster Boston Rob.  Sure thing, Andrea doesn’t play the game and got voted off.  It really is a shame because she is a great physical threat and I think could play some of the males fairly easily with her cute looks.  Nonetheless her lack of reading the writing on the wall put her on redemption.  Now Andrea must face off versus old ally Matty, Mike, and Ralph.  I think she can hang with them, but I cannot wait to see the reunion of her and Matty!  Remember Andrea axed him the second time behind his back.  Will there be a bitter hangover?  We will see!  Good episode!

Player Of The Week: Rob Mariano

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 5 Wins

2.  Grant – 2 Wins

3.  Matty – 1 Win

4.  Natalie – 1 Win

5.  Julie – 1 Win (Eliminated)

6.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)