Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 13

Episode 13: “Too Close For Comfort”

Episode 13 was pretty big transition episode heading into the finale on Sunday.  There was plenty of stupidity, and with season 22 I’ve just come to expect that.  Going into this episode we knew one thing it is either going to be Ashley or Grant getting the boot.  However only one of them has common sense apparently.

How Do You Like Those Marbles Andrea?

Andrea participated on blindsiding Matty to redemption, the second time he was sent there.  Andrea had one close ally in this game and she turned on him.  Part of me does not blame her, heck I guess she still made it far.  The majority of me however, plays to win the game.  Andrea played a game with Ometepe where all she was, was a vote.  She symbolized nothing more than numbers and would be cut on the first chance.  It was pretty simple thinking, how she didn’t understand that I don’t know.  Matty and Andrea dropped the ball.  They could have attempted to turn this game around when they had the chance.  The thing about the Zapatera’s at the time is that they HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE WITH THEM.  If they wanted to gain power in this game, you have to make a big move.  This is what I like to call a million dollar move.  Anyhow, Andrea arrived to redemption where she was laughed at, scorned by Matty, and forced to sleep on the ground.  AWESOME guys!  I could not stand Ralph all season, but when he made Andrea sleep on the sand it made me happy.  They all treated Zapatera like trolls, and when the million dollar vote comes around I won’t be upset if they get screwed because of that.  If Mike or Matty get back in this game at the final 3 they have won it already.  During the duel Ralph got off to a huge lead and it looked like Andrea was done.  Fortunately for her the country boy could not keep it alive and she got the last position.  Mike and Matty both advanced fairly easily.  Mike, Matty, and Andrea will all make it to the finale, congrats to them.  Now on to who will be joining them.  Yet another dummy who not only deserves to be there, but deserves to be out of the game with their poor gameplay.

Dangerous Alliance’s

Castaways always throw the term, “alliance” around on Survivor.  Lets be straight with it, usually it’s always an alliance of two.  The rest are numbers to get the individual to the end.  A power debate ensued this past week with Natalie and Rob or Natalie and Ashley.  Who is she closest to?  Look even though she may be leaning towards Rob, I hope the teenager has SOME common sense.  I know that might just be asking a little too much for the competitors this season though.  Ashley finally started to play the game it appeared some 34-35 days into it.  She was shown planting ideas into the younger Natalie’s head about how they have to stay strong and vote off Grant.  After the vote they would hope for the redemption competitor to return to the game, and then use their vote to blindside Rob.  I get it, it’s a possible move that may win you a million dollars.  Chances of that working?  MINIMAL.  The play is right for this time in the game, but they had so many other chances.  Rob should not have made it passed day 25-28ish if this game was played right.  However with this Ashley put herself on the chopping block.  Rob knows when people are schemers he’s a smart guy.  However with a HUGE twist Ashley made her play of the season by winning a balancing puzzle immunity.  This put Grant as the odd guy out.  However Grant didn’t see it that way.  According to Grant, “when I shake Rob’s hand I know he’s someone I can trust.”  COME ON.  Have you not seen, Survivor MarquesasSurvivor All-Stars, Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains?  What tribe was Boston Rob on in that last season?  VILLAINS.  There is a reason Granty boy!  Grant had to make a move, he had to know he was going to be cast off.  Why would Rob not want to vote out his biggest physical threat near the end of the game?  Horrible game foundation, Grant should have won this season outright.  He had a power position under the guy making all the moves.  The best way to play Survivor is to be a great physical player under a great mastermind.  Let the mastermind do the dirty work and cut him when he isn’t necessary any longer.  Grant you failed at this.  As expected he was voted off and Ashley for once decided to play Survivor.  I guess I cannot say she’s worthless anymore.  Last season we saw Fabio put together a famous run at the end of the game.  Can somebody else do it?  With the redemption twist we have a whopping eight competitors going into the finale.  Rob is the pick everyone will make but I think different.  I sense a bitter jury, and I suspect a Survivor travesty.  Matty the guy who was voted out not once, but twice will win the game.  Will I be right?  Is this destiny?  Can Grant use his physical presence to eliminate the feel good stories?  We will see Sunday!

Player Of The Week: Ashley Underwood

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Rob – 5 Wins

2.  Grant – 2 Wins

3.  Matty – 1 Win

4.  Natalie – 1 Win

5.  Ashley – 1 Win

6.  Julie – 1 Win (Eliminated)

7.  Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)