Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 14 (Finale)

Episode 14: “Seems Like a No Brainer”

Survivor Redemption Island it was a unique season.  The redemption twist added a whole new variable to the game, filled with paranoia.  Strategical play may have been at an absolute all time low.  Boston Rob became a super hero.  Last but not least we met a Coach Wade imposter.  Regardless Redemption Island was an interesting season, but as for a thorough Survivor game it was very weak.  The way this game changes every season is why I love it.  This season may have not been the best for me but others have loved it.  Survivor is truly one of the best shows on television and with a great fan-base it is going nowhere anytime soon!

Redemption At Last?

At the start of the two hour final episode it was time for a final duel.  The competitors were Andrea, Grant, Matty, and Mike.  Only one player would advance on this duel, thus sending the other three to the jury.  I had my money on Matty being the player of destiny.  The duel was a simple balancing task of a pot.  Grant was the first out, sending him to the jury.  Matty would soon follow very abruptly.  I knew at this point that the finale just had a major buzz kill.  I feel like every one in their heart wanted to see Matty pull this one out.  He saved this season of Survivor with his story of faith and survival on redemption.  I truly hope only the best for Matty and his future endeavors.  Meanwhile it became a dogfight between Andrea and Mike.  With a shocking underdog victory Andrea somehow pulled it out, and claimed final redemption.  Rob could not have it any other way.  Matty, Mike, and Grant could all possibly give him a run for his money on a jury vote.  Andrea however to me did not have enough going for her.

Two Of A Kind

Andrea bashed Matty for his stupidity getting voted out not once but twice by Boston Rob.  However it was going to be a tall order for that not to happen to her joining up with Rob, Phillip, Natalie, and Ashley.  Andrea displayed an early interest with the other two girls to vote off Rob.  The girls seemed to understand the idea, but later revealed the fear of a hidden immunity idol.  This is why I’ll preach it over and over again.  The best time to take out a power player on your alliance is when you have numbers, but there is still “another side.”  There is no power like forcing the opposition to vote in your favor to save their own butts.  Natalie, Ashley, Grant, or Andrea could have taken control of this game weeks ago but it was just simply too late at this point.  During the immunity challenge, it was going to take a miraculous win to stop Rob.  Ashley gave him just that.  In a typical Survivor balance beam/puzzle challenge Ashley just barely edged Rob in a very simple challenge.  It was a surprise to see the puzzle master Rob fall in this one.  With Ashley claiming a second straight immunity the writing was on the wall for Andrea.  The girls could have still got together to axe Phillip even if they felt Rob had an idol.  As with the rest of the season they refused to deify Rob and Andrea was thus voted out again.  This time she was out of the game for good, and no smarter than Matty.  Maybe they truly do belong together!  Rob would play his idol as a security blanked though not in danger.

Stupidity Prevails

Natalie Natalie Natalie, gee is this girl DUMB or what?  I feel like every time she spoke this season she sounded like a little thirteen year old girl.  Someone feed this lady some maturity soon please!  I am only 22 I know, but I feel like I’ve got a decade worth of mental age on her.  Going into the final immunity challenge there was a debate on eliminating Rob.  There should have never been a debate about this!  It should have been done weeks ago, best friend or not.  The immunity challenge was very hard fought, between the surprising Ashley and Rob.  Rob just barely edged her in a maze/puzzle challenge and all but won the game right there.  At the vote Natalie turned on her best girl, for her man crush Rob and voted off Ashley.  Your final three: Natalie, Phillip, and Rob.  I felt like at the very least Phillip could make some epic speech and win a few votes.  Boy was I wrong…


Usually this should be one of the longest segments to type of the year,  The Final Tribal Council.  Instead it was pretty simple.  Three things happened: 1.  Natalie continued to act like she was in middle school.  2.  Phillip decided bewildering the jury was more important than a million dollars.  3.  Rob sat back and relaxed knowing his family now had not one but two million dollars in prize money.  The nine of the jury asked a few good questions and made some interesting statements.  Steve trashed Phillip pretty bad, while Julie trashed all three of them.  David made a mobster like statement mentioning how Rob was the mob boss of this entire game and had everyone do what he wanted them to.  When Rob was done with them he cut off their head.  It could not be anymore true.  Rob deserved this money fair and square.  Before I reveal the winner (if it isn’t obvious) we must reward the…

Player Of The Season: Rob Mariano


The vote turned out to be a complete wash.  However it was not a complete sweep!  Phillip received one of the nine votes, giving Rob a whopping eight.  So I guess that means Phillip got 2nd place, LOL.  That basically stems what this season was.  However congrats to Rob on finally winning Survivor.  It’s easy for me to bash everyone, but he still had to do it.  He played an almost error free game.  I thought maybe he might run into a very bitter jury, but he positioned himself with people that had no chance at beating him at all.  Had Matty or Mike made the finals I truly think Rob would have been screwed.

Final Thoughts

This game had a lot of key points, most of which happened early.  The Zapatera tribe had this game completely on lock and threw it out based on paranoia of Russell Hantz.  Ometepe never made a power play to get out their best buddy Rob, despite upwards of three to four chances.  Finally, Phillip is great television but such a bad player at this game he finished 2nd.  Maybe it is a legitimate strategy if you’re truly not playing to win?  This season will not go down in the books as one of the best, but it offered a lot of interesting scenarios.  I hope the redemption twist plays a little better next season, as they are bringing it back.  I also hope the castaways for next season are a little more, “do or die.”  I enjoy players that play to win, and win only.  This just being happy with 2nd or 3rd place ruins the game for me.  With another season closing, I always end with the same thought in my head.  When will it be my turn?  I have tried out for Survivor a few times and have not gotten that bite yet!  I will not stop trying and deploying new strategies, till I’m picked however!  Just finding a way to be noticed, is a game in itself!  I know my work ethic, athleticism, brains, and social skills would be an unstoppable force.  KrashRadio could be a future superstar in the making ;).  Regardless of the outcomes, I will forever be a fan and am excited for the upcoming seasons!  Survivor South Pacific is coming next Fall!  Expect more blogging from Krash then!