Lady Gaga and Madonna: Actually RELATED?!

They say if you’re taking something from family, it’s not really stealing.. it’s sharing! [Okay, I don't know if "they" say that, but it's what I live by!] I guess that’s why it’s totally okay if Lady Gaga borrows inspiration from Madonna for her music and performances now… They’re related!

An ancestry pro found out that the two oddball pop divas both had French ties in their past and did a little research, and found that they’re 9th cousins once removed! Their families meet up with a French farming immigrant couple in the 1600s!

Maybe they can go on tour together now! It’ll totally be a family affair!





Sidenote: I recently found out I’m 7th cousins with Hillary Clinton on my dad’s side! And my mom’s side is related to Abraham Lincoln! COOL, right?! I can totes see the resemblance.

Are you related to anyone famous? If you are, leave me a comment! This is fun!