Mark Zuckerberg Kills Animals With His Bare Hands

File this under rich people are INSANE. Mark Zuckerberg has taken up a new habit. Butchering animals. Seriously. This from Mark is killing animals for food. He’s doing it to “fully appreciate the meat he eats”. How does he do it you ask? So far he’s killed chickens, pigs, and a goat. So what’s Zuck’s kill method of choice?

“He cut the throat of the goat with a knife, ” Zuckerberg pal Jesse Cool told Fortune, “which is the most kind way to do it.”

He picked up this new hobby while traveling in China last year. For what it’s worth, Mark is mostly vegetarian but when he does kill for food he really takes it to the extreme:

When he does have a chance to take an animal, he makes the most of his prey; he and girlfriend Priscilla Chan ate not just the usual poultry cuts from his chicken slaughter, but the heart and liver, as well. The feet were used for stock. Or, as Fortune dramatically put it, “Zuckerberg and his longtime girlfriend… eat what many people would not dare consume.”


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