Repo Games…I love this show!!!

They might as well call this show, Jeopardy for stupid inbred trailer trash.  Thanks to Spike for giving me this show. It is like watching a train wreck, I can’t stop looking.  These people are soooo stupid.

Here’s the premise behind the show, Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone go repo people’s cars.  These people owe the bank, haven’t made their car payment, or whatever, but they are gonna lose their car.  Unlike real Repo men who just show up in the middle of the night, and steal the car quietly.  These guys knock on the door, and tell the former owners that they’re taking their car.  However, there is a catch, if the owner can answer 3 of 5 trivia questions correctly, not only do they get to keep their car, but the producers of Repo Games will pay off whatever they owe on the vehicle.

I have been watching for a few episodes now, and I’ve only missed one question.  These guys are intimidating, and I’m no trivia genius, but there is no way I would ever lose this game.  I don’t know where they find these people for the show, but nearly everyone loses.  Are they high? inbred? stupid? or just brain dead?

Here are some questions and answers straight from the show:

What are the names of the rice krispies mascots?    Fred

Which of the Founding Fathers, conducted an experiment to test electricity by flying a kite?      Bill Clinton

A kimono is a traditional garment of what country?    guesses, Dallas, Canada no thats a state, Tupan…is my final answer.

HOLY $#%^!!!! These people are DUMB, and I can’t stop watching…

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