The best of “The Voice’s” first battle round

Did you watch “The Voice” last night? Though I don’t think it holds a candle next to American Idol in any way, they did have some pretty awesome singers last night.

The best, by far, were Team Cee-Lo’s Vicci and Niki, who battled it out over Pink’s “Perfect.”


Absolutely incredible.

Because of Idol, I’m also a big fan of Frenchie, who got kicked off American Idol Season 2 because of nakey pictures from her past.


Like she said, I’m glad she finally gets the chance to let America vote for her and decide if she deserves to tell American Idol to “su shove it.”

Team Blake Shelton and Team Adam Levine didn’t blow me away, but like I said, everyone was good.



Did you have a fave? Who?!