This Week at Theaters: THOR

Last week I saw Fast Five and I was surprised.  Fast Five was action packed, Vin Diesel and the entire cast did a great job, the story was more than expected and the Rock was over the top hilarious and kicked ass in some areas, I almost forgot about the “Tooth Fairy” movie.  This weekend I want to see THOR!!!!

Thor stars Australian Chris Hemsworth, this is the actor who played the father of Captain Kirk in JJ Abrams’s Star Trek.  He will also star in the new version of Red Dawn as Jed, originally played by Patrick Swayze.  Also in the film: Anthony Hopkins plays Odin, Thor’s dad. Natalie Portman looks to be Thor’s love interest, and there are some other up and comers in the other key roles.  I am a bit surprised that Kenneth Branagh directed a comic book, but I liked his version of Hamlet, so this might be better than advertised.

Thor is a Marvel comic that was kind of hit or miss over the years.  He was cool as an Avenger where he fought alongside Wolverine, Ironman, and the others; but maintaining his own storyline and keeping an audience engaged by himself was a tough sell for Marvel.  The main reason for that, Thor is the Norse god of Thunder and son of Odin the Supreme god in the Norse mythos, and it’s hard for teenaged and preteen boys to relate to a demigod, who never had bad acne or got nervous talking to girls.  But with Branagh at the helm, I think this might turn out great or it could be the first Big Stinker of the Summer of 2011.

Here’s the Trailer: