Want a butt like Gaga? Here’s how!

Love her or hate her, I think we can all agree that Lady Gaga is in fantastic shape!  Good news for us, her trainer is revealing some of her fitness “secrets.”   Little monsters, this is your chance to get a butt (and other body parts) like Lady Gaga’s! 

For Lady Gaga’s LEGS:  Try “reverse lunges” . . . six sets of 20 . . . while holding a 10-pound weight in each hand, above the knees.  The trainer says, quote, “[Lady Gaga] can do this move in hotel rooms.”

For Lady Gaga’s ARMS:  Try “overhead dumbbell triceps extensions” . . . six sets of 20 . . . and “lateral dumbbell raises” for your shoulders.  The trainer says, quote, “Gaga wants to look like she has long arms . . . we wanted to tone every ounce of her body.”

For Lady Gaga’s ABS:  Try “bicycle crunches” . . . six sets of 20.  The trainer says, quote, “They train her abs from every direction . . . most of what she wears shows her stomach, so her goal was to have the best abs ever.”

For Lady Gaga’s BUTT:  Try “skater lunges” . . . six sets of 20.  The trainer says, quote, “You cross your right leg behind your left and drop your right knee like you’re curtseying.  Then switch sides and do it again to complete one rep.  Getting a great rear-end was another priority for Gaga.”