Ways To Not Get BURNED

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and tomorrow is the big day!  That means a lot of outdoor festivities, and A LOT of sunburn.  If you’re like me you don’t tan you just well.. fry.  These five tips from the sun, “experts” should help ya out!

5.  Waterproof sunscreen does not exist.  After swimming or sweating yourself a disgusting storm, they say it is best to re-apply the sunscreen ASAP.

4.  Clothing will not provide protection.  A lighter colored shirt usually will have an SPF of 7 and will decrease through the day.  You can’t say mom didn’t tell you so!

3.  SPF 15+ is necessary.  Anything less would just make you a… girly man.  If you are a female, just ignore that last statement.

2.  Apply sunscreen every two hours.  This is probably the biggest reason everyone gets fried.  Ladies I know you’re too busy flaunting around the pool in that skimpy bikini.  But trust me those guys will lose interest fast when your back is flaking.  Apply the sunscreen!

1.  Apply the right amount of sunscreen.  The studies say that an average adult needs an ounce of sunscreen to be properly protected.  They say the majority of people only use HALF of the amount necessary.  Just make sure to re-apply deodarant afterward to deflect the ‘screen smell!

I hope these tips help you tomorrow, and the rest of the summer for that matter.  You can’t say Krash didn’t tell you so!