Will Smith’s Massive Trailer Upsets Manhattan Residents

photo courtesty of People.com

Will Smith’s trailer on the set of Men In Black 3 is a modest home away from home… Just a nice, quiet place to chill in between takes….Actually it is a $2 million, 1,150-square-foot rig.  It’s 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs about 30 tons.  He’s renting it for $9,000 a week. Beyond being massive, it’s packed with features: 

  • marble floors
  • a lounge and bar
  • a movie room with a 100-inch screen
  • an all-granite bathroom, a large bedroom
  • offices for Will’s assistants and writing staff.   

In addition to the main trailer, Will is also renting a 55-foot trailer with a full gym inside!

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Sounds awesome, right?!  Well, I’m sure it is…for Will.  But the residents in Manhattan, where the movie is filming are not so impressed.   One resident said,

“The smell that comes along with it is disgusting.  It’s like living in a gas station.” 

Another one said,

“How would Will Smith feel if I parked that thing out in front of his house?  People forget this is a residential neighborhood, not a film lot.” 

Last night, the producers said the trailer had been moved to private property.