YOUR calls/texts: A stalker’s playlist

Joss Stone found out this morning that two people who had obviously been stalking her were arrested, before they were able to commit a “criminal offense.”

To make light of the situation, I figured I’d ask you all what we think they listen to on their iPod. Ya know.. what are some creepy stalker songs? Listen to what you picked and check out some of your texts below! Then add your own via comment!

  • Sunglasses at night
    There is a song I don’t know who it’s buy but one of the lines is ” I will hunt you down” I think it’s Maria carry
    Any taylor swift song. That girl is crazy..
    Stalker song = Come 2 my window by Melissa E.
    Im sprung-Tpain
    Right before they killed her they would have been playing let the bodies hit the floot