90s Flashback: Foods that will make your tummy smile

I love a good 90s Flashback. This morning, Buzzfeed is helping me bring you some awesomely da bomb foods from the 90s. Some don’t exist anymore, some do.

1. Kid Cuisine

2. Crystal Pepsi

3. Squeezit

4. DunkAroos

5. Choco Taco

6. French Toast Crunch

7. Gushers

8. Handi-Snacks

9. Fruit By The Foot

10. Fruit Roll Ups

11. Lunchables

12. Trix Yogurt

13. Sprinkle Spangles

14. Orbitz

15. Fruit Snacks

16. Cracker Trax

17. Sno Balls

18. WarHeads

19. Potato Sticks In A Can

20. Hidden Treasures Cereal


I TOTALLY forgot about Hidden Treasures! AMAZING! What else can you add?